Making Your Apartment Home Decor Reflect Your Personality

Making Your Apartment Home Decor Reflect Your Personality

Your decor says a lot about you and the way that you live your life. If you are a minimalist it reflects your personal philosophies, and if you are a lover of the arts it might proclaim this to your guests as they come into the door. This is part of what makes your apartment a home and what gives you inspiration when you wake up in the morning. This is why it is so important to make sure that your apartment home decor matches with your personality.

Modern Living Room With Modern Chair And Sofa With Vase Of Plant

A few simple pillows and accessories to represent your personality.

The first step is usually to choose a few pieces that you feel really reflect your own personality and needs. Close your eyes and think of the perfect room, one that encourages and soothes you. Think about it filled with your friends and then think about it empty. Now open your eyes and think about the pieces that stuck out and stayed the same. Those are the pieces that you want to go after right away, making them the center of your decorating efforts.


A pop of red in this pillow is enough to make it stand out and draw your attention.

See if these pieces have a color trend and try to keep any other pieces you choose within that same trend. If you have chosen something with an explosion of color, try to keep other pieces less busy, perhaps using black to break up busy patterns and to help create a statement. This will keep everything looking cohesive without causing too many problems visually. If the piece you have chosen is a single color, try and add a few pops of bright colors here and there for the same reason.

The red pillow pops out in your apartment decor style.

Another angle to show how the red pops.

Always pick out the biggest pieces first and keep in mind the overall effect that you want with your room. Don’t get distracted by the small details at first, if you plan well you can work them in with very few problems. Do try and think of places for your favorite personal items to add personal flair to your professional looking rooms. You may also find other items that work well in places you never expected.

Apartment Decor For Easy Decorating

Another example of how using a simple accent color makes the room stand out. Other decor is inexpensive thrift store finds.

Many people find great accent pieces in a variety of shops, finding that combining items from the thrift store with new items will give them the best possible look for the least amount of money.

Simple wall art for personalizing your apartment decor

Simple wall art and track lighting for personalizing your space.

Once you have gotten most of the floor and furniture settled, consider what art you want and shop around for the best pieces. Many people love putting their favorite childhood quotes or life philosophies in places that motivate them, showing that they have come so far in life and have so much farther to go as well.

Artsy Apartment decor

Turn any small space into a work of art that expresses who you are. Don’t be afraid to be bold.

Overall, putting together apartment home decor that speaks to your own personal style is a lot easier than you think and can actually be extremely rewarding. Choosing each piece based on a theme instead of trying to make different items work when they have nothing in common will result in a much more cohesive look. However, don’t be afraid to throw in an odd item or two if they mesh well with your personality.

Home Decor Ideas That Are Simple Yet Beautiful

Home Decor Ideas That Are Simple Yet Beautiful

You don’t have to be rich to make your space glow. All you need is a little creativity and the desire to turn a common home into an amazing oasis of relaxation and leisure. A few simple yet effective home decor ideas can take you a long way. This article is going to help you get started.

White walls to draw more focus on the decor

The basic principle of the best home decor ideas is that less is more. By keeping it simple, you can create stunningly impressive effects that would make your home look fresh and stylish. Don’t be afraid to paint your walls in white, as this is going to be a great canvas for showcasing artwork or family photos. If you want a touch of color, you can paint one of the walls in a bright color. Silver or gold can work very well for the bedroom, as they can help you relax and fall asleep.

Home Decor Ideas

Use the rug to match one of the colors in your draperies

Matching your rugs with the window treatments can be another simple idea with a huge effect on the viewers. The other advantage of this type of decor is that you can easily change it whenever you get bored, as both rugs and window curtains are fairly inexpensive. Besides, you can always sell your old ones, and put the money towards buying new stuff.

Houseplants can make an area pop and this wall panel has a huge plant drawn on for the same effect

Use a lot of green plants, wherever possible. Try to choose plants that have colorful flowers that bloom multiple times per year. This is how you can make sure you’re always going to have a touch of color in your rooms.

A fish aquarium is an excellent decorating item

A fish tank could also make an interesting focal point. However, you have to commit to taking good care of your fish, as some of them are very sensitive, so they might easily become sick and die, if you don’t know how look after them. Besides, exotic fish, tanks and accessories can add up to large amounts of money, so you have to make sure you can afford to buy and maintain this kind of decor.

Living-room interior with two armchairs near the fireplace. 3d render.Seating cushions, decorative pillows and seating solutions are the perfect accessories for creating the kind of atmosphere you want. If you want a modern home decor, you can buy vividly colored cushions and bean chairs. If you prefer the rustic style, you can simply choose leather cushions and wooden chairs.

A downsized fireplace for the perfect touch to make your living room feel warm and welcoming

A downsized fireplace could be the perfect touch that would make your living room feel warm and welcoming. You don’t need a lot of space to bring this idea to life. Modern fireplaces are compact and lightweight, so you can easily find one that fits inside your home. Pair it with two comfy armchairs and a small coffee table, and you’re all set for a lot of romantic moments. The fireplace is going to brighten your interior space in a nice way, making you feel like spending more time enjoying life by the fire, together with your beloved one.

As you can see, there are lots of ideas you could make use of to recreate your interior space and to make it more appealing. Don’t be afraid to unleash your creativity, as there are fairly inexpensive solutions for everything you might want to do. All you need is the motivation to succeed.

Wood Home Decor Ideas

Wood Home Decor Ideas

Coming up with design ideas can be stressful and can make you feel like you weren’t meant to decorate your own home. However, there are a number of trends that help simplify the process and that can make your home feel extremely cozy and welcoming. One of these trends is that of wood home decor and various accents that go along with wooden pieces. From signs to interlocking wooden furniture, the options are nearly endless. In addition, there are a huge number of artisans out there who work with wood, giving you a huge number of choices.

closeup of a house-shaped chalkboard with the text home sweet home written in it and a bunch of lavender flowers in a flower pot, against a rustic pale blue backgroundMany times it seems like the entire wooden theme will always leave you with the cabin look, and if that is what you want, then that’s awesome. However, if you want something much more modern and sleek, there are options as well. Look into artists who work with whole pieces of wood and carve their pieces from just one slab, leaving a highly polished piece of art in their wake. This makes wood look super modern while preserving the simplicity of the overall look.

One of the most popular wooden decor pieces is the wooden sign. These can be made either from a single piece of wood with something burned, etched, or painted onto it, or from a box like structure that can again be worked on with a number of different materials. The possibilities for these signs are nearly endless, and if you can’t find what you want, you can even make your own as well. These are usually a great way to tie together rooms and are usually quite cheap.

stylish living room with elegant furniture

Another great option is carved figurines that serve a purpose as well. Over time the items that you combine with these figures lend your personality to the room, but also keep the overall look very natural and simple. These may be a little harder to find, but many artists love the challenge of trying to figure out how to combine your personality with their vision.

The next great piece is the wooden coffee table or side tables. While these are usually extremely heavy, they can be made in all sorts of configurations. Everything from a custom gaming controller to a table that looks like an agate when it glows in the dark as possibilities. The number of different finishes and stains available make it completely possible to change everything about your room and ensure you completely love it as well. Choosing one of these pieces and then matching the rest of the furniture to it will make sure that the table is the shining star of your room.

Wood home decor is extremely versatile and works with any number of personal styles. Figuring out the finish and types that you want is the hardest thing about decorating your home with these pieces. Overall, you can choose any style and come up with enough matching pieces to transform even the most boring home into a magazine ready abode.

Modern Home Decor Ideas

Modern Home Decor Ideas

Having a modern home is cool, but what to do when you can’t afford a major renovation? Everything is very expensive, so you could easily spend a small fortune on new furniture and modern accessories. Under these circumstances, you need to either be creative and make use of your imagination or give up the idea of embracing a modern home decor.

a beautiful new apartmentLuckily, a little creativity can take you a long way. You should start by browsing the web, searching for creative ideas of modern home decor. Anything would do, from storage accessories to window treatments, carpets and rugs. There are lots of fairly inexpensive things that could give your home a modern and youthful appearance.

Wall art is one of the best ideas you could possibly implement. If you can draw or paint, you should try your talent on one of the walls in your living room. If not, you should either buy a wallpaper featuring your favorite artwork or have an artist create you this wall.

Clutter has never been fashionable nor it will ever be. You should avoid piling up stuff all over the place. This could be a good chance to give your home a modern touch by purchasing some colorful storage boxes and shelves. You can place them in your living room, and use them to hide all your necessary but ugly stuff.

Stainless steel kitchen accessories can also make your home look modern. If possible, you could consider replacing all your old kitchen appliances with stainless steel ones. This isn’t going to be cheap, but if you can do it, your kitchen will look just like the ones in home decor magazines. This is something to consider, especially if your old appliances aren’t good anymore. You may get away without having to replace your kitchen cabinets, as they can be given a modern touch by using a few metal accessories and bars.

Home interior with sofas green 3D renderingSheer curtains are outdated, so you could replace them with modern window shades. Young people don’t use curtains anymore, as they find them dull and useless. They prefer shades because they are more practical and easier to clean. Besides, shades enable you obtain total darkness even in the middle of the day. If you intend to use your living room to watch movies with your friends, this could be an interesting idea.

Rugs and carpets are among the interior decor elements that become obsolete rather quickly. Luckily, they are also very easy to replace, as they are fairly inexpensive and readily available. You can mix and match them in creative ways, for stunning results your friends are going to love.

You don’t have to embrace the minimalist style, if you don’t resonate with it. A home doesn’t have to be empty, in order to look modern. You can always decorate it in an elegant yet modern style, as there are lots of accessories that can help you create this kind of atmosphere. As you can see, there are lots of ideas you could apply, should you intend to give your home a more modern touch.