Evoking Love Vibes With Soft Pink Decor Accents

Sharp black & grey decor is a go to in modern interiors, but sometimes comes across a little cold and harsh. We don’t have to turn our back on the monochrome palette, but we can introduce a softer hue into the mix… Soft pink is a colour that represents peace, compassion, love, and nurturing. It’s easy to go overboard on a good thing though, so how do we introduce such a sweet shade without compromising the confidence of a darker design? The trick is to balance out pink accented rooms with a generous anchor of black and graphite, just like this smart 110 square metre family home interior, designed and visualised by Interior Workshop.

A pink dining set centers in the modern living room design, which sports a predominantly black and white base. However, the corner of the room comes alive in pink ribbed paneling that melds into gathered drapes of the same salmon pink hue. A black wall sconce dots a modern pattern down the colorful wall feature, and highlights its deep texture.

A charcoal L-shaped sofa creates a dark anchor around the base of the pink feature walls, along with a grey area rug that helps visually separate the lounge from the dining area. The wall opposite is occupied with a fitted kitchen. Dark cabinets are sleek and handle-free to build a streamlined look along the limited space.

A large projector screen drops down in front of the kitchen. The projector unit itself descends on a platform that stores inside a ceiling recess.


Coordinating artwork strengthens the color theme of the room.


Grey concrete builds an elongated hearth for a modern fireplace. A log storage cube slots in beside the stove.


A fireplace screen could come in useful when smaller family members are running around.


Grey kitchen cabinets and a black back splash balance out the depth of shade in the facing lounge. The pink dining set becomes a colorful core that the whole room design revolves around.


The round dining table stands on a ribbed column that ties in identically with the paneling behind the sofa. Use of coordinating materials creates a ripple of harmony across the room.


Cylindrical legs and backrests on the modern dining chairs continue the commonality.


An optical illusion wall mural brings added depth and dimension to a dedicated meditation room on the ground floor. Realistic pebble pillows stack and scatter on the floor to bring in an element of nature.


The living room’s concrete hearth rounds the corner to become the first step in a modern staircase design.


Upstairs, more ribbed paneling creates a pink bedroom border. The panel stretches across a headboard feature, and links with a row of pink base cabinets on the adjoining wall.


Black bedroom pendant lights offset the sweetness of the pale pink element.


Stacked books and a Marshall speaker sit safely behind the raised lip of a shelf, set on top of the pink cupboards. A green hanging plant adds an extra shot of colour to the mix.


A neat black bedside table is just large enough to hold the book that’s currently in progress–and a pair of reading specs.


A smart magazine holder hangs out by a bedroom chair, offering another comfortable spot for reading.


The black bedroom chair is accompanied by an industrial style floor reading lamp, which has a matching black stem.


Fitted white wardrobes run flush across the entire length of the bedroom, slashed through with thin black handles.


One set of double doors reveal a dressing table inside, complete with cosmetic drawers and a large vanity mirror.


The modern bathroom vanity in the family bathroom is a crisp white linear design, teamed with black vessel basin and coordinating towel rail.


A deep framed vanity mirror with toiletries shelf continues the black colourway.


The shower screen folds back to open out the bathtub. A box bathroom shelf cradles soap dispensers close at hand.


Black nickel coats the faucet over the unique bathroom sink.


The kid’s bedroom is a super stylish space set in graphite grey, and a circular shape theme. The bed hides away behind a partially dividing wall, where a round cutout window reveals an upper bunk for added play. A grey ladder scales to the top of the tower.


Behind the dividing wall, we discover a cosy hideout held safe by a rope screen. Small modern wall sconces light the bed below the play platform, and show off a pink headboard.


A cute whale plush lays beached–or bunked!


Circular frames form a stylish hanging chair in the centre of the kid’s room. The seat swings in the warmth of a neighbouring radiator.


The rest of the room is dominated by a set of wardrobes, and a large kid’s study area.


An Eames bird makes a trendy study buddy.


The black and white desk, and black swivel chair, contrast with a light pink wall here. Another thriving plant trails green vines into the mix.


A small downstairs shower room is tiled top to toe in white tiles with black beats.


The narrow basin profile creates more space to turn around inside confined quarters.


In the hallway, a handy shelf and a pouf slot into a small nook beside storage cabinets.


A huge mirror increases the sense of space in the entryway.


Stylish wall hooks hang the family’s coats.


First and second floor plans.


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