Modern and Frameless Wall Clock – The chic way to keep time in your home

Introducing the Frameless Wall Clock: An inexpensive way to upgrade from a boring clock to a piece of wall art that keeps the time

Designer clocks by Karlsson are eye-catching, interesting, unique, and many of them actually allow you room for artistic expression.
The basic premise is that a wall clock does not need to be boxed in with the typical circular or square design. Karlsson transforms your wall into a clock, and by doing so, jumps miles ahead of other designers who are still not thinking “outside of the box.”

Why we love it:

Clean lines, minimalist, DIY, and trend-setting.
Karlsson steps up to the challenge of ushering in an entirely new way of displaying a clock in your home.

The classic frameless clock. Ultra minimalist. The Karlsson Little Big Time Wall Clock.

minimalist creative clock wall art

frameless wall clock DIY gold bullets

Similar to the little big time clock, this version comes with silver or gold bullets that you can arrange yourself.


Karlsson clocks can be purchased in many different places online including amazon and are surprisingly reasonably priced.

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Title: Modern and Frameless Wall Clock – The chic way to keep time in your home
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