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Country Home Decor For A Cozy, Relaxing Space

Beautiful Custom Kitchen Interior in a New House.

Country home decor is a great way to create a cozy atmosphere for your home. Whether your home is a century-old cottage or a newly built two-story, country styling can transform it into a refuge from the hectic pace of today’s world. You may have the budget for a total makeover or just enough for a few touch-ups. Either way, you can create a beautiful look for your home with just a little work. There are actually a few themes that define country decor. These include rustic, Americana, and Primitive. Each of these has some common elements, especially in the way they use colors and textures.

Living room country style. Bright interior of room with large window exclusive wall system and soft furniture. 3D renderCountry decor includes many different looks, but the primary focus of each style is simplicity. There are no formal couches or window coverings, instead, country decor brings a feeling of casual and comfortable living. It is universally appealing with its use of furniture, color, and room accessories.

The furniture found in country decor is sturdy and simple. It may reflect Western styling or be more rustic. Amish handmade furniture is also very popular for its durability and simple beauty. Some country styles use more leather-trimmed and leather upholstery, while others prefer overstuffed chintz. Wooden benches and large oval or round wood tables are also popular. In the bedroom, sleigh and four-poster beds are often used and covered with handmade quilts.

Most country decor uses natural colors and textures, although green and burgundy are often used to provide warmth. Another great country decor color is sunflower yellow which is perfect for a kitchen or breakfast nook. If the theme is more a French country look, then blues and white may be the focus. More rustic or Western themes will use wood tones and natural wood, including wood floors and exposed beams.

Country decor relies heavily on quilts and warm comforters and these are used in almost every country decor theme. There may also be lamps that appear similar to kerosene lanterns or which have elaborate Tiffany-type shades. Most of the time, a country decor will use as much natural light as possible to infuse the home with warmth and relaxation.

Beautiful Custom Kitchen Interior in a New House.In the kitchen, a country decor may include embroidered dishtowels, rooster or apple-themed wall art, and gingham tablecloths. Cabinet hardware may be porcelain drawer pulls or burnished brass handles. Floors may be rustic tiles or stone with a braided rug as a complement. There are often grapevine wreaths hung on the wall or door and china pitchers and bowls are used to decorate throughout the house.

The primary focus of any country decor is comfort. This is a casual, relaxed style which makes every visitor feel right at home. Flowers, paintings, and books are often used to create a more homey atmosphere and lighting is very important to pull everything together. Common decorating accessories include scented candles, baskets, lamps, folk art clocks, quilts, twig and grapevine items, rusty metal items, wall borders, and wood.

Country home decor is comfort and simplicity combined to create a warm, relaxing environment. You don’t have to live in the country to enjoy the feeling of country comfort.

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