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Cozy Home Decor Using Color Theory As Your Guide

Comfortable bed in cozy modern blue bedroom

If you’ve been wracking your brain on what would actually make for some cozy home decor, all you need to do is turn to a bit of color theory. There’s an interesting finding circulating around that states colors actually effect the human psyche in unique ways. If you want any particular room in your house to have a specific ambience, the colors you choose for the walls, furniture, and other decor can actually help facilitate that more than any specific design style you happen to choose. Once you think about it, it really makes sense.

Comfortable bed in cozy modern blue bedroomFor example, any room where you’ll be doing a lot of entertaining should have a fun and engaging atmosphere. Traditionally “loud” colors like yellow and red are the most engaging, easily standing out among pretty much anything else. That’s a big reason why you see them used in marketing so often; they literally catch your attention better than anything else. You might not want to completely assault the senses with pure versions of these colors however, so you can go with slightly more muted tones such as maroon or a brighter beige to give a lively yet inviting feeling.

Of course, the very epitome of catering to cozy home decor comes with creating a comfortable and restful bedroom. Ideally, your bedroom should be a place of reflection and serenity, easily able to help you relax and wind down at the end of each day. With this in mind, you should opt for an overall color scheme with cooler colors such as blue. There’s a well known calming effect with various shades of blue, which is largely why you’ve likely seen so many bed sheets and pillows cast within that color spectrum.

Sweet bathroom interior in soft blue and green tones. View of honey color cabinet with mirror shower and toilet.Thanks to its ties to nature and the Earth in general, green is also a very relaxing color that has been seen as ideal for bathrooms. Shades that are essentially a mix of green and blue also accomplish the same effect. From your walls to your counters and even the towels you choose, you can make sure every single bath or shower taken is as relaxing and invigorating as possible with that basic color scheme taking precedent in the room.

You can bolster the effects of whatever color scheme you choose for a room by lighting it carefully. Don’t just use any old light bulbs or opt for whatever lamp might have been the cheapest. Certain light bulbs have specific hues to them, many of which are much more abrasive on the eyes. The latest craze is LED bulbs, which have a very neutral white shade to them without being overly blinding. By picking the best possible shades, you can also direct the light in cozier ways that allow you to see perfectly without eye strain over time.

The way that color effects us is often taken for granted. If you want the best in cozy home decor, you need to make sure your color schemes are chosen carefully. Pick whichever color picks the mood of the room you’re designing, and you’ll be in far better shape in the long run.

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