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Simple Country Home Decor Style Ideas

Country home decor has become increasingly popular, especially for those living outside of rural areas. Whether situated in the heart of a sprawling city or far away from any signs of life, a cozy country vibe can be easily achieved. This style is often associated with farmhouse decor, French country decor, English country decor, and even cottage style décor; all based on personal preferences.

The overall idea behind achieving this country look involves creating an atmosphere with clean lines that is both inviting and comfortable. Some great ideas include adding rustic furniture and accessories such as old barn doors turned into sideboards, wooden beams, distressed wooden cabinets with farm-style knobs and handles, neutral wall colors with pops of bold patterns and hues like reds and blues, floral print accents or wallpapers to give that extra oomph to your living area. Layering up on essential items—such as throws and cushions—adds warmth to any space. Reclaimed woods work wonderfully in kitchen settings—whether it’s used for counter tops, dining chairs or cupboard doors—creating subtle yet effective accents throughout the home. If you’re aiming for an outdoor feel indoors, opt for some rustic terracotta pots filled with plants to bring the outdoors in! These red terracotta pots will pop with your white walls for a minimalist design.


Country Home Decor

Creating a rustic country atmosphere in your home can provide cozy and welcoming vibes. If you’re looking to embrace the classic style, there are plenty of different ideas to get the job done. To give your living space a touch of country style, start with taking traditional pieces and making them extraordinary. For example, bring any oil-rubbed bronze piece of furniture into the house. Consider accenting with comfortable couches and armchairs that feature floral patterns or ticking stripes for a vintage-inspired look. The exquisite beauty of nature materials like wood, linen, jute and cotton makes for easy-breezy furnishings.

Country-style interiors use accents like galvanized metal and aged leather add texture to any room. Use old chests as coffee tables, wooden crates as side tables and give extra life to shelves by stacking old books on them. Invest in interesting wall art like antique signs, photographs or prints with pastoral scenes that bring personality to your living space as well as adding character. Other fun decor items are quilts hung over beds or draped over furniture giving the space an inviting atmosphere along with floral arrangements on dining tables for a spring look all year round! With these tips in mind, you’ll have no trouble putting together timeless rustic interiors. These beautiful architectural elements draw from nature, antiques, modern aesthetics and worldly influences creating an inviting environment that everyone will love when they enter your beautiful county home.


What is the Modern Country Home Style and Look?

Country-style decor has become popular due to its classic, rural and farmhouse inspirations, making the look applicable to many different types of homes.

Creating country-inspired décor requires a balance between traditional and modern elements. Old-fashioned comfort can be incorporated into a modern look through heritage charm, creating a cozy atmosphere that celebrates outdoor living without the fuss.

Incorporating elements of rustic style, vintage, and minimalism, it is possible to achieve a modern country design in the home with careful consideration of color and texture, furniture and pattern. 

Using light and neutral colors is recommended.

For a modern country style, light and airy, bright colors are more suitable. Rich colors like whitewashed woods, cream and beige shades, grey floors and pale paint on the walls can be incorporated to give a neutral yet contemporary backdrop. Natural hues and muted tones will keep the space warm and inviting. Furniture pieces and accessories can be used to complement this modern country aesthetic.

To add a splash of color, consider opting for soft pastels to be implemented through furnishings, curtains, and rugs. Shades such as sage green, mint, dusky rose, and taupe are all suitable for complementing a neutral interior. Additionally, metallic materials may also be used to introduce warm hues like bronze and copper for a contemporary look. These can be applied to kitchen sinks, pendant lights, and appliances.

Make Use of Pattern

When creating a modern country home, the use of neutral colors is recommended. However, if you wish to add more vibrancy to the space, consider playful floral patterns and prints – from floral to geometric. Using new perspectives on sizes and palettes can help produce a contemporary feel.

Choose Rustic Wood and Natural Materials

An effective modern country design can feature natural materials such as exposed wood beams, warm wood paneling and original wooden floorboards to create an organic and outdoorsy look. Barn-style doors can also be a great addition to the style of the home.

Dark wood furniture can add texture and character to a space, so consider pieces that are worn and have a more traditional shape or design. This popular style includes lattice windows or intricate woodcarving details for added interest and sleek lines to the room’s design scheme. To avoid any dated looks, blend classic elements with modern pieces and materials, like a farmhouse table paired with contemporary chairs for an eclectic appeal in the room’s decorative style.

Have Fun with Texture

Interesting textures, such as scratches, scrapes, bumps, and dents in building materials are typically found in modern country interior design, which is characterized by an informality that makes it great for entertaining.

Incorporating layers of varied textures is important for a neutral design to achieve depth, warmth, and comfort. Examples include linen, wool, sheepskin, and various types of blankets, throws or rugs that can add visual interest and color.

Try experimenting with reclaimed materials.

Stripping rustic properties, such as barn conversions, to their basic structure has become a popular choice amongst homes of all styles. This can result in a look that is slightly industrial with the use of bare plaster or bricks, concrete floors, and worktops, as well as bare bulbs and warm copper tones.

Reclaimed wood paneling, flooring, iron light fixtures and furniture are all viable options for contemporary design if you don’t have access to original materials. There is an increasing trend of Mediterranean design towards adaptation of older pieces in order to give an updated look to country-style homes.

Incorporate the outdoors in your home.

Incorporating natural elements and raw materials into your home can create a modern country aesthetic. Potted plants and kitchen herbs can serve as key elements that help to personalize the space and make it more inviting.

If taking care of plants is too complex for you, there are alternatives such as botanical prints or artificial plants. Alternatively, artwork and fabrics featuring rural English scenes may create a more traditional, vintage style aesthetic; think rabbits, badgers, and foxes.

Authentic Kitchen Designs.

The kitchen is considered the center of the home and can be a place for family to interact while eating. A modern country kitchen should be practical and sincere, instead utilizing ornamental items -all fixtures should be utilitarian. Nothing should be overly fragile or highly valuable.

Open shelving, wall-mounted pots, and utensil displays provide unique character to a design while also being practical. If there is additional space available, including a butcher’s block can create a rustic look.


French Country Style

French country style is an easy and classic way to give any home an effortlessly chic look. This popular home decor style evokes a romantic, rustic feel that captures the essence of the French countryside. It’s characterized by lots of soft colors, lovely patterns, distressed furniture, and an abundance of natural materials such as wood and stone. Softly patterned fabrics in muted colors bring together the various design elements that make up a French country interior. These include warm plaster walls, aged wooden furniture, floral fabrics, and weathered accessories that help create a cozy atmosphere. Distressed woods and vintage items contrast with clean lines and refined pieces to provide depth and texture to a French country style room. Floral prints are used in upholstery and rugs while plants are often featured as part of the overall decor scheme to add organic elements that complete the look. And when it comes to color schemes, shades like lavender, olive green, burgundy and yellow come together to lend warmth and stylish elegance reminiscent of traditional French country houses.

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The aim of this style is to create an inviting atmosphere that feels simultaneously modern yet rustic; a style that bridges the gap between traditional French design elements with contemporary touches in order to achieve balance in the space. It focuses on creating a relaxed yet elegant atmosphere to enjoy living in for years to come. By combining neutral hues that create a unified background permeated by the aura of the classic countryside appeal; French Country style will make your house feel like home.

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If you’re a fan of French country decor, get ready to be wow-ed by the 25 beautiful and dreamy rooms that we have gathered. From modern interpretations and eclectic visions to classic renditions of this stunning style, the welcoming atmosphere will make you feel like you’ve taken a one-way ticket to Provence. This is all due to the many elements this style encompasses such as natural materials, grey-toned muted colors, toile fabrics, extravagant light fixtures, touches of golden accents paired with traditional rustic furniture.

Designer Kathryn M. showcased her own ideas for incorporating French country decor in her inspiring Cape Cod estate’s dining room. However, after viewing these 25 rooms our idea of French country decor can be broadened as each has varied tastes when it comes to furniture selection or color combinations which makes it interesting for anyone looking for inspiration for their own home. Therefore, move your eyes around each room filled with an eclectic budget-friendly pieces, flea market finds and more that will without a doubt take your breath away and make you want to move into them right away!


French Country Decor Basics

Colors, Prints, and Materials

Colors play a major role in French provincial style. Soft, warm tones such as yellow, pink, blue and cream fill the room with brightness and life. The colors in Provincial-style fabrics tend to be medium to low intensity, allowing each hue to stand out and provide a feeling of openness. For an extra vibrant effect, Benjamin Moore colors like deep brick red or sunbaked ochre are used, which resemble pigments found in natural clay earth.


French country-style furniture has always been known for its comfort, style and timeless grace. Upholstered seating and chairs feature soft cushions to encourage relaxation and create a cozy atmosphere, while other pieces such as tables and chests often exhibit graceful curves with carvings on the wood that give it an elegant touch. Distressed or painted finishes are considered a must for French country furniture, with white being the most popular option for giving the pieces a weathered look that is both classic and modern at the same time. To get this worn effect on your own furniture you can use milk or chalk paint as accents.

For those who prefer a slightly more formal design, French provincial furniture offers all the same warmth of traditional French style but with added embellishments such as ornate carvings, elegant fabric choices and antique-looking hardware. The style of French provincial comes from its roots in aristocratic wardrobes of the 17th century so these pieces will possess a timeless sophistication like no other. Such furniture presents perfect choice for adding some refinement to your home without taking away from its incredibly welcoming feel.


French provincial architecture is an iconic style characterized by its timeless beauty and rustic appeal. Drawing inspiration from the French countryside, this style is full of many classic elements that have been updated over time to modernize and enhance the look. Inside a French provincial house, one can spot exposed wooden ceiling beams, natural stone, wood or brick floors and a weathered appearance throughout each room. The warm colors provide a cozy feel for these Mediterranean homes, making it extremely inviting for family and friends alike.

On the exterior of these homes, one can expect to see natural stone, wood, and muted colors to keep a consistent aesthetic with the interior design choices. The roofs of these houses are typically steeply pitched with simple lines and multiple gables that add depth and dimension for an unbeatable visual effect. In addition, classic elements like arched balconies on the windows create an even more luxurious feel from outside looking in. With so many stunning features embedded in this style of architecture, a French Provincial home brings an air of sophistication wherever it may be located.


The French country kitchen is a warm and inviting space, perfect for impromptu family dinners or gathering friends. The main feature of this style are cabinets that look like elegant furniture pieces with intricate moldings and carvings. A modern French country kitchen, however, often opts for the simplicity of shaker-style cabinetry for an updated, chic look. Layered with vintage touches like Mason jar pantry items, pretty signage as wall decor, antique wrought iron pot racks and copper accents throughout, the kitchen looks effortlessly charming.

In addition to the classic French motifs like sturdy woods, muted colors, distressed finishes and wrought iron decorations, original details will lift this traditional style up to modern trends. Range hoods are one option that excel in showing personalized decorative touches even in a traditional layout. Delicate curves adorned with patterns can create an eye-catching centerpiece that will leave a lasting impression on guests. Neutral color palettes ranging from biscuit to slate blue encourages natural light while maintaining the air of rustic comfort so typical of this particular style.

Dining Rooms

A classic and timeless look for French country dining rooms starts with the chandelier. Finding a rustic one made of distressed wood or metal with candelabra bulbs is essential to this design. To make it feel inviting, add a lighter-toned wooden table surrounded by whitewashed, vintage, or mismatched chairs. For an added touch of coziness, gingham curtains can be hung to the floor with a little puddling; they’re lightweight enough that they don’t overwhelm the room and lighten up the space. Alternatively, swapping out the curtains for lightweight silk drapes in similar tones puddled on the floor can give off a more formal and sophisticated vibe. No matter what look you’re trying to achieve, these essentials will bring together your perfect French country dining room.

Living Rooms

The French country style living room is a warm and inviting respite, full of natural light and airy texture. It starts with whitewashed walls, covered in sheer curtains that let in enough light to create a sun-kissed glow in the room. Furniture should be kept light with understated fabrics; try wicker chairs and tables with bright floral upholstery or painted furniture in soft pastel colors. Wrought iron garden benches can be placed under windows to provide a cozy window seat nook. Bring life into the space by adding some fresh plants like ferns, potted herbs, or succulents for an uplifting pop of green.

Adding patterned fabrics like gingham prints or eclectic interior designs throughout the living room can add visual interest without overwhelming the space. Accent pillows on a sofa or armchairs are also perfect way to infuse color and pattern into the area. Accenting with vases adorned with dried flowers, aged copper pitchers filled with homemade jams, teakettles perched atop retro pottery stoves can conjure up rustic charm that is reminiscent of a simpler time gone by. By bringing this peaceful charm into your home you create an inviting atmosphere for guests


A bedroom should be a cozy, romantic atmosphere that speaks to the individual’s sense of style and relaxation. A French Country bedroom can offer this in abundance, muted tones, sumptuous layers of linens and tranquil color schemes all combine to create a space which is sophisticated yet inviting. Upholstered headboards featuring painted or distressed wood and vintage iron gates, teamed with soft toile curtains and lacy white bedding sets make a beautiful foundation.

For additional romantic charm add a crystal chandelier as well as an old metal garden bench at the end of the bed for use as a sitting oasis when relaxing in the bedroom. Distressed furniture, like an old, comfortable lounge chair adds old-fashioned charm while painted details give an added touch of enchantment. One can also mix in shabby chic elements to finish up the picture your modern interior design. Focus on nature such as vases of fresh flowers for a touch of spring no matter what season it is or soft fur rugs for cold winter mornings. The perfect French Country bedroom is one that perfectly reflects your unique personality and allows you to feel comfortable and relaxed at home.


When creating the perfect French country bathroom, start by selecting timeless wallpaper. Don’t just settle for white walls because it’s easy. Choose a stylish toile or a traditional flower pattern decorating style for a true rustic look. Accentuate with a small crystal chandelier and wall sconces in the form of traditional candlesticks to give your bathroom an elegant touch. A gold mirror, adorned with an ornate frame and delicate carving, will further highlight its classic charm. To complete this look, choose an heirloom clawfoot tub to add character and warmth.

For even more rustic charm, consider incorporating wrought iron accents into your French country bathroom design such as towel racks and stands for linens. Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors and prints as well! Use splashes of bold colors like plum purple or mustard yellow in unexpected places like the bathmat or shower curtain to create an inviting atmosphere. With these simple touches, you can take your bathroom from traditional to trendy and create the perfect French country retreat.

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In conclusion, be creative when you are re-designing your home. We have presented many country home decor ideas for you consider and perhaps choose from. Take just one idea or take them all. They are all decorative patterns that are sure to bring you many years of satisfaction and happiness. 

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