Wood Home Decor Ideas

stylish living room with elegant furniture

Coming up with design ideas can be stressful and can make you feel like you weren’t meant to decorate your own home. However, there are a number of trends that help simplify the process and that can make your home feel extremely cozy and welcoming. One of these trends is that of wood home decor and various accents that go along with wooden pieces. From signs to interlocking wooden furniture, the options are nearly endless. In addition, there are a huge number of artisans out there who work with wood, giving you a huge number of choices.

closeup of a house-shaped chalkboard with the text home sweet home written in it and a bunch of lavender flowers in a flower pot, against a rustic pale blue backgroundMany times it seems like the entire wooden theme will always leave you with the cabin look, and if that is what you want, then that’s awesome. However, if you want something much more modern and sleek, there are options as well. Look into artists who work with whole pieces of wood and carve their pieces from just one slab, leaving a highly polished piece of art in their wake. This makes wood look super modern while preserving the simplicity of the overall look.

One of the most popular wooden decor pieces is the wooden sign. These can be made either from a single piece of wood with something burned, etched, or painted onto it, or from a box like structure that can again be worked on with a number of different materials. The possibilities for these signs are nearly endless, and if you can’t find what you want, you can even make your own as well. These are usually a great way to tie together rooms and are usually quite cheap.

stylish living room with elegant furniture

Another great option is carved figurines that serve a purpose as well. Over time the items that you combine with these figures lend your personality to the room, but also keep the overall look very natural and simple. These may be a little harder to find, but many artists love the challenge of trying to figure out how to combine your personality with their vision.

The next great piece is the wooden coffee table or side tables. While these are usually extremely heavy, they can be made in all sorts of configurations. Everything from a custom gaming controller to a table that looks like an agate when it glows in the dark as possibilities. The number of different finishes and stains available make it completely possible to change everything about your room and ensure you completely love it as well. Choosing one of these pieces and then matching the rest of the furniture to it will make sure that the table is the shining star of your room.

Wood home decor is extremely versatile and works with any number of personal styles. Figuring out the finish and types that you want is the hardest thing about decorating your home with these pieces. Overall, you can choose any style and come up with enough matching pieces to transform even the most boring home into a magazine ready abode.

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